About me

There’s a one word answer to the question of what made me become a travel writer; Newport – as in Monmouthshire, South Wales. I spent the majority of my first 19 years in Newport, with an all-too-brief respite when, aged eight, I emigrated with my parents and brother to New Zealand. The exotic sights and people, sounds and smells and all the fun that my brother and I had causing havoc on the SS Northern Star, changed my life. Within the year I was standing on Newport railway station again. I then spent seven years of high school and college staring out of the windows at Twm Barlwm and the Transporter Bridge over the murky Usk, wishing that they were Table Mountain in Cape Town or the Harbour Bridge in Sydney or, indeed, the azure blue waters around Tahiti.

Does that help you to understand what drives my passion for travel?

I had my first travel article (about my travels to, from and in New Zealand) published when I was just 10-years-old, earning 10 shillings (50p) for my efforts. My rates are a bit higher now.

I trained as a news journalist with Thomson Regional Newspapers and worked for a large number of newspapers and magazines all over the UK and in Australia.

As a travel writer, I produce features for a wide variety of publications, in the UK and overseas. I specialise in in-depth trips in my motorhome, Roly, with my husband, landscape photographer Robin Weaver which give us time to explore and see a lot of different sides to a country or destination as well as to enjoy the wonderful journeys themselves. Don’t get the wrong idea though; I am not adverse to a fixed bed now and again!

I am also the travel editor of MMM The Motorhomers’ Magazine, the UK’s number one motorhome magazine.

ADDENDUM; Ironically, having spent all those years trying to escape from Wales, I now enjoy visiting Wales very much indeed. And I’m probably the only person to have been commissioned to write travel articles about Newport and its environs!

Thank you for visiting my website. If you are from Newport, I hope that you get the chance to escape now and again; if you are happy to be there, then you must be blessed with contentment.

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